Microsoft Office 2021 Standard for Windows

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Note: Only suitable for 64 bit systems. Works on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The latest version Microsoft Office Suite 2021 in the Standard edition offers professional users in businesses and the self-employed an even further improved Standard in functionality and efficiency - both for the creation and processing of documents, as well as for extensive communication and the secure collaboration and exchange of data and documents. Office 2021 also takes collaboration in the cloud - and also in the home Office - to a new level. To this end, the new MS Office 2021 Standard provides for comprehensive security standards that also take into account current data protection regulations.

As always, numerous improvements and additions to the proven programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are part of this new release of MS Office: among other things, extensive options for joint editing of documents in real time facilitate secure working, as well as the protected exchange of information in teams and barrier-free working. MS Office 2021 Standard is complemented by the OneNote digital notebook and Microsoft Teams, which replaces Skype. All Office programs can also be used as Office web apps.

In addition, in MS Office 2021 Standard, the proven Data Loss Prevention security feature protects against data loss through comprehensive security features and individual access rights, and also complies with stringent data protection regulations:

In addition, the current Standard Edition 2019 includes a number of practical optimizations for professional and efficient working and exchanging documents for collaboration, especially in the cloud.

You can already find the Microsoft Office 2021 Standard  Edition in the Wiresoft Software Shop as used software - at a lower price compared to corresponding new software - it is best to contact our team right away to find out when this Office version will be officially available to you, as well as other editions of MS Office 2021. In the following overview, all included Office applications are presented and you are informed about all already known innovations of this edition, which will be available to you with Office 2021 Standard.

Proven Office applications even more powerful in MS Office Standard 2021

The separate applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook also form the backbone of the Standard edition of the new MS Office 2021, complemented by OneNote and Microsoft Teams. For the Microsoft Office 2021 Standard  edition, these have been optimized and additional features have been added to make collaboration between applications even more efficient:

  • Microsoft Word  2021  is still the indispensable program for composing texts, but the current version also supports working on documents, for example with an integrated translation tool, an optimized dictation function and an improved spelling correction including grammar correction. The speech output function allows you to have texts read aloud as you write; conversely, the voice input function has also been further improved. The revised editor makes it easier to adopt writing and spelling suggestions instantly with a click. The recognition of virtual ink has also been improved, so that a text written with a digital pen on a screen is converted even better into a Word text. There are individual improvements, for example for SVG images: more complex image documents can now also be integrated, scaled and edited without the need for a lot of memory. So-called HEIC images can also be inserted directly from iPhones or iPads without conversion.
  • Microsoft Excel now also offers dynamic arrays and an improved XVERWEIS feature for professional analysis and processing of data, in addition to new features and filters such as the timeline filters in the Office version 2021. The table functions for financial calculations have also been optimized; the high compatibility with CSV files has also been maintained. Further details about the features available in Excel in MS Office 2021 Standard Edition are not yet known. If you have any questions, please contact the Wiresoft team.
  • Microsoft As usual,PowerPoint 2021 offers a wide range of design options with a variety of exciting effects, such as morphing graphics and graphics, and other image editing options. Ultra-HD files can also be inserted directly into presentations with PowerPoint; images can be freely scaled and zoomed in on an image with the zoom function; animations can also be performed with a digital pen. The sharing options now include the speaker playback of a PowerPoint file, and Microsoft Forms can start a direct survey of meeting participants.
  • Microsoft Outlook  2021  supports global communication with business partners and employees in other locations, including by automatically taking into account different time zones and time differences when scheduling appointments. The new Outlook 2021 also supports creating and managing any number of email accounts per user, which is particularly beneficial for users who need multiple accounts. With Microsoft Teams, messages in Outlook can be shared directly with other colleagues and partners; last but not least, Outlook 2021 includes a new dictation toolbar that facilitates email creation with improved voice commands and automatic punctuation.
  • Publisher 2021 includes many options for creating interesting printable presentations and publications, including improved pen recognition and professional graphics editing.
  • OneNote and Microsoft Teams complement the MS Office Standard 2021 edition: the handy digital notebook can be linked to other programs, while Microsoft Teams now replaces Skype.

Take advantage of the many other benefits of Microsoft Office 2021 Standard

MS Office 2021 not only offers numerous optimizations and new features in the individual programs of the Standard edition, but also scores with a whole range of general practical features and benefits that also support mobile working and facilitate intuitive team collaboration on documents, spreadsheets or presentations, as well as communication between employees.

Users can also access many mobile Office The web apps available in  Office 2021 make access even easier, so that the individual features and elements for quickly editing documents can be found even faster on the go. Files can also be accessed and shared with other users' devices in the cloud.

The desktop interface of Office 2021  convinces with its clear layout, many applications can also be used in dark mode, which supports eye-friendly working. In addition, the new drop-down menu in the search section makes searching for emails and documents even easier - users just need to click to switch between the respective mailbox and an open folder. Via the menu history in the desktop client it is also possible to return directly to the last visited places. There's also the new option to mask phone numbers, which can provide more privacy and anonymity.

It is expected that at Office 2021, Group Policy Object (GPO) will also be available to manage Group Policy, which is protected by ADMX files. In addition to checking for updates, these also include security settings for checking macros in external documents. In addition, the Office 2021 edition can also be used on a terminal or remote desktop server, and the license will most likely again include a second right of use for a mobile computer of a particular user.

Last but not least, all Office 2021 programs also support accessibility, including through the use of international standards and with practical suggestions for formatting documents, which can also be supplemented with audio instructions. The "Ease of use" section offers various options here, such as a large selection of tones in "Giving feedback with sound".

Data Loss Prevention available at Office 2021 Standard – to protect against loss and unauthorized disclosure of critical data

The Data Loss   Prevention (DLP) tool, which has been tried and tested for many Standard editions, is also used in MS Office 2021 to reliably protect confidential information or data from intentional or unintentional disclosure by employees. In this way, organizations or companies ensure in particular that personal data are protected against unauthorized access, as is also prescribed by the DSVGO, for example. All data movements, such as transmissions by e-mail or via Internet applications, are not only controlled through dynamic, content-based control, but are also blocked in case of violation of the regulations.

System administrators can establish individual, differentiated rules for accessing specific data, depending on the user or group, to restrict or block access or disclosure, while also alerting users to potential risks if data loss is imminent.

In the new MS Office 2021,  administrators can more easily control what information can be included in a document for individual programs. In addition, when using cloud services such as Microsoft OneDrive, important data is not lost, even in the event of a server failure or a failure of an end device; users can also access and edit these files from anywhere.

Microsoft Office 2021 Standard system requirements

The following system requirements also apply as software used for the MS Office 2021 Standard Edition. In addition, depending on the use of further apps or programs, other storage space requirements, etc. may apply.

  • Operating systems: min. Windows 10 or Windows 11 Server 2019/2021
  • Processor: 1 GHz (32- or 64-bit)
  • RAM: at least 2 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: At least 3 GB
  • Image resolution: min. 1,280 x 800 pixels
  • Graphics: DirectX 10


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